Here are some resources that have helped us.  If you find some that you’d like to add, please email me the information at for consideration.

Check this blog entry: Keto Basics, if you’re just beginning to get a good foundation about Keto.  It can all become very confusing and there is so much wonderful information out there, so I tried to condense and organize it a bit.

YouTube Playlist:  We’ve compiled some helpful videos available on YouTube that help with the understanding of Keto and how eating fat helps you lose fat.  If you find a video that you think should be added, email me the link and we will consider adding it to the playlist.

Gadgets:  Kitchen devices and gadgets I frequently use to prepare keto meals.

Frequently Used Foods:

Helpful Supplements:

  • Bulk Supplements – helpful website to buy keto-friendly supplements, like potassium and l-theanine.  You can buy your supplements lose and pack your own pills, or buy some already packed and ready to take.  They have great prices and excellent quality!

Other Helpful Resources:

  • Instacart – deliver groceries to you (work or home) with as little as $15/mo. and the option of not paying additional fees.
    • Free $10 off your first order!
    • I’ve used this weekly for several months, especially when I’m too busy to go shopping.  So far I have has groceries delivered from Costco, Stater Bros, Ralph’s and Whole Foods
  • Imperfect Produce – weekly delivery of customizable produce for about $10/week
    • Free $10 off your first order!
    • I customized the Small Organic box, removing the non-keto items and highlighting produce I’m more interested in for only $11!  It almost all looked perfect and delicious…the only non-perfect items delivered were a few smell lemons and an oddly round lemon.  Everything else was ideal.  I would have easily paid over $50 for what was delivered this week.
    • Definitely worth a try!
  • Dr. Eric Berg – He’s knowledgeable and has great resources for supplements, videos and reading materials!  Dr. Berg is someone my family has come to rely on and trust.