Challenge yourself with the support of a group that understands what you’re going through, what you’ve been through and shares similar hopes and dreams as you.

June’s Challenge: EXERCISE CHALLENGE – Pick a challenge for yourself related to exercise.  You do not have to go too crazy.  I recommend increasing whatever exercise you’re currently doing, or try a new routine, sport or activity that you’ve been interested in trying.

Personally, I haven’t exercised since starting Keto, so I plan to walk at least 30 minutes 3 times this challenge week to see how I do.  I’m curious to find out how I will feel during and after.  What will your Exercise Challenge be?

We will be starting June 1st!

May’s Challenge: OPEN CHALLENGE – Decide on one area you would like to improve or focus on.  Implement for 7 days.  I chose dairy.  Some chose exercising daily.  Others added more fat to their diet.  Dealer’s choice!  What have you been wanting to try?