Keto Basics

Keto, short for Ketosis, is when your body uses fat for energy instead of carbohydrates (carbs).

Body Energy – A body finds it easier to use carbs for energy than fat, so it will always choose carbs over fat, unless there aren’t any carbs left to use for energy.  Your body will store unused carbs as fat.  With a standard diet being quite high in carbohydrates, you will never run out of carbs…thus never using your reserved/stored body fat.

Keto Lifestyle – a low-carb, high-fat way of eating that trains your body to use fat as energy.  When your body is used to creating energy with fat it will begin to use your stored fat, a function called Keto-Adaptation.

The goal is to become keto adapted, have increased energy and focus, make healthier eating and movement choices, and being healthy will lead to better weight control.  My favorite quote right now is from Dr. Eric Berg, “You can’t lose weight to get healthy.  We need to get healthy to lose weight.”  I cannot agree with this statement more!

Preparing for Keto in a great idea.  Check out this post about Preparing for Keto.

Check out the Getting Started page to learn how to get started!

I want to add, this really does work!  I thought this was crazy…eat fat to lose weight?  I’ll tell you my full story another time, but it really does work.  No pills.  No creams.  No extras.  Just choosing the right foods…foods that you can find at your grocery store!  I have been following a Keto Lifestyle for a little more than 5 months…I am down 49 pounds and feel great!  My husband is down about 80 pounds.  He eats out all the time.  I have PCOS and other health issues.  We have a ways to go, but I’m confident we are getting healthy and so can you!

I have some helpful resources you probably want to check out as well.  Check it out!