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Anxiety & Keto, my experience

I’ve been doing Keto now for 1 year and 15 days.  But I’ve been dealing with anxiety for much longer.  Before I began Keto I was doing fairly well and was stable on my medication.  I saw these two, Keto and anxiety, as very separate not thinking one could have an impact on the other.

Technically, when I started Keto, I think I was off my Lexapro for almost a month.  I think many of us find that Keto has greatly helped improve mental health but seems to make it spark up at the beginning.  In combination of excess work/life stress and the beginning of Keto, I had to go back on Lexapro and stabilize.

It wasn’t until about April 2018 that my psychologist suggested that I try again.  She really felt that I was ready.  She was also super supportive on Keto.  I had to wait until the end of the school year because I knew from last summer it would cause some problems.

July 2018 I started stepping down from the Lexapro to 7.5mg daily

August 2018 – 5.0mg daily

September 2018 – 2.5mg daily

And in about 10 days I will be on 0mg of lexapro daily.

Each time I dropped I had a freak out/panic attack.  This last step really has me going though.  This is my second panic attack and I just want this all to stop.  It’s totally worth it because I hate this feeling and I don’t want to go through this withdraw again.

When it gets bad I take my prescribed Ativan to help me calm down.  The part that I hate the worst, more than being frustrated and irritable about every little thing, it feels like I’m jittery with electricity throughout my body.  It feels like my heart is pounding but I am sitting on my bed doing not much of anything.

You might be wondering why I’m writing about my anxiety on a Keto blog.  The fact of the matter is that Keto effects every single aspect of your mental and physical health.  Sometimes it can be a little rough in the beginning, especially if you’re already having an issue with anxiety, but after that little bump, there is nothing but a brain healing itself.

Keto has helped me more than group and individual therapy, medication, stress reduction, and meditation ever has.  Everything I could do was to help me identify and cope with my issues.  I really couldn’t do much to help heal my brain.

I started Keto without the goal of improving mental health but am excited to tell you that Keto really does help with brain issues.  Now, I am not a medical professional.  This is my experience.  I ask that you use common sense and the advice of your medical professionals.  But don’t be afraid to add Keto to your regime.

If I had known Keto could help my brain heal itself, I think I would have tried it sooner.  It’s was a pleasant surprise.

What are your experiences with Keto and mental health?  Have you had any improvements?

Long story short, I’m 10 days from being off of my medication and I attribute this all to Keto.  I expect a few bumps after I’m completely off, a few bad days that I should keep myself from other humans so I don’t freak out and take it out on them.


For those of you who haven’t ready about my anxiety adventures before in this blog.  I’m sharing because when I looked for information about how people got off their anxiety medications and their experiences, I simply couldn’t find it.  It was scary for me.  I hope that someone can benefit from me sharing my story in some way.

Please take care of yourself.

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