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When it doesn’t go according to plan

I’ve been talking about meal planning and prepping for weeks now.  But it doesn’t always go according to plan.  The good news is, a few bumps in the road don’t wreck everything!

You might know by now that I’m tapering off my anxiety medication.  It’s causing some problems, but I’m going slow and have the full support of my doctor.  I’m currently on half dose and surviving.  I feel like I have a sinus infection, the flu, body temperature issues and have weird body aches.  It’s normal and it helps me to feel better that what I’m feeling is just my body detoxing from the medication.  I know this will all pass, but I’m dropping the ball on the meal planning because I don’t always feel good enough to prep and cook the meals I planned.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you mess up!  You might end up throwing some food away, eating out or modifying your meal plan, but it’s survivable and forgivable.  Tonight I planned to cook steaks and enjoy it with steamed veggies.  It sounds so nice to eat, but I am feeling my worst in the afternoons and evenings lately.  So instead, I am using the chicken I deboned yesterday to make this Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole today.  I already have all of the ingredients, all I have to do is put it together before I feel crummy…then put it in the oven to cook before dinner.  I can quickly microwave steam some broccoli and cauliflower to go with it.  Now everyone is happy because I feel like I accomplished something, we all get to eat dinner, and it doesn’t become a burden to ask my husband to bring home dinner on his way back from work.

I’m hoping this casserole will leave us with enough for lunch tomorrow because then we don’t have to do anything extra like eat out or cook another meal (which isn’t going to happen).  Unfortunately, I’ve made this before and there wasn’t anything left at all!  It’s a good sign that the meal was delicious, but not great for having leftovers.  What a problem to have!

Whatever your reason for not following the meal plan and preparations for yourself (and family), it’s going to be okay.  You can put the steaks in the freezer for another day.  You can cook two meals in one day so you have future meals ready.  You can eat out.  Don’t punish yourself.  Do your best.  Remember, any changes are improvements in the right direction.

Have a wonderful day!

PS-I know you’re wondering what that image has anything to do with this blog.  Get back on that horse when you’ve fallen off.  It’ll be okay.  You can still achieve greatness and success!

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