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Healthy Skin (Part 3)

Caring for your biggest organ is important!

This final piece of the series about Healthy Skin, I’m blogging about the benefits of a healthy diet to improve your skin.  I’ll also have recipes that you can use and enjoy.  In previous blogs, I had written about proper moisture and care of your skin and avoiding sun damage (Part 1), and aging (Part 2).

A Healthy Diet to Improve Skin

Your body has needs.  Are you meeting these needs through your diet?  If not, consider making a few changes to your food and drink consumption to maximize your health and improve your skin.  Obviously, I advocate the Keto diet, but you don’t have to do Keto to make some changes to help your skin.

#1: Avoid foods that you’re allergic to.  Your skin may be irritated as a result to an allergy.  Growing up I had terrible eczema from a wheat allergy.

#2: Identify rashes, ie: keto rash, eczema, dry skin, poison ivy, etc.  This can help you to figure out the best treatment.  It kind of overlaps #1 above, but it’s important.

#3: Moisturize from the inside out!  Don’t drink the lotion.  You should be eating healthy fats (avocado and salmon), and including healthy oils (coconut oil) into your diet.  You can also supplement with fish oil, krill oil, Vitamin E, etc. if you can’t get enough in your daily diet.

#4: Make sure your body can absorb the nutrients and fat you’re giving it through your diet or supplementation.  It may seem odd, but just because it goes in your mouth doesn’t mean your body can do something with it, even when it needs to.  For example, did you know taking a Vitamin K2-MK7 helps your body absorb Vitamin D3?  And if you’re low in D3 your body likely isn’t absorbing calcium…and we all know we need calcium.  You may need to make adjustments to maximize your absorption depending upon your body and it’s particular needs.

Delicious, Skin Improving Recipes

Guacamole – mashed avocados, chopped cilantro, lemon or lime juice, pico de gallo and salt

Tomato & Avocado Salad – diced tomatoes and avocados, lemon juice, salt and chopped basil

Salmon with Broccoli & Herbed Butter – pan fried salmon cooked in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper, steamed broccoli, all topped with your choice of herbed, salted butter

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

Oysters on the half shell

Salmon Cakes with a side salad

Extra Tips

  • Try to eat an avocado every day.  It’s easier in California, I know, but try to find them in season and freeze them for later if you have to.
  • Pamper your skin (and yourself) with a trip to the spa for a facial, back facial or something scrub brushing.  My mom and I like to go to a local beauty school for facials and back facials once or twice a year.  It feels amazing.  Our skin looks great.  And it’s not very expensive.
  • Pay attention and listen to your body.  Are you thirsty?  You’re dehydrated.  Drink some water.  Does your skin itch and feel dry?  You’re likely dehydrated.  Drink some water and put some really good lotion on your skin.  Have another problem?  Research a solution, talk with a professional or try something new.
  • Your skin has natural lubricant, so be aware that over using things like lip balms and moisturizers can create a situation where your body will not make the necessary moisture needed because you’re supplementing it with other moisturizers.  (I used to be addicted to lip balms.  It was a tragedy and very hard to stop.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series about Healthy Skin.  I’m not a professional, so please use common sense and do your own research when trying a recommendation.  Also, please leave comments, questions and topic suggestions.

And, as always, be sure to check out the facebook group for support, encouragement, success stories and recipes at!

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