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Menu Planning

I’m on Summer Vacation and relaxing, but technically I have begun my journey as a Homemaker.  It didn’t go well last time, but that was forced due to illness.  This time it was a decision that was well-thought out, discussed and planned.  I’m still sick, but that is not the primary factor in my new career choice.  It is time.

Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the vehicle maintenance, supporting my husband and family, hoping to babysitting my nephew (he’s expected in late October), and preparing for family expansion are all very exciting to me.  I will also be working on my BeckDoes projects, so I don’t have to worry about losing myself in the mundane.  I’m actually quite excited!

I’d like to be as fiscally responsible as possible, particularly when it comes to food costs.  I find that a huge chunk of our income goes to food and I think I can cut costs by planning better.  In addition to saving money, I think we should eat out less often and be a bit better on our food choices…and that leads me to my Food Planning Menu.

I had created something similar in the past but generally only lasted a few weeks before ignoring it and going back to old habits.  I hate taking out food to defrost and then having to throw it away.  It’s fiscally irresponsible, I hate that an animal died for nothing if we don’t eat it, and I particularly don’t want to hear my dad complain about wasting food anymore (it’s super annoying and find that I try to hide it now because I don’t want to hear about it).

Food Planning Menu

I like that I can plan ahead with what to eat, include special notes like when to defrost some meat, and a shopping list for each week.  Below is a PDF version of my newest Menu.  But if you’d like a Word doc template to make your own food plan, Blank Weekly Menus.

Menu Clip

If you’d like to see this menu for the entire month, click on the link for the entire PDF file of my August Weekly Menus.  Enjoy!

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