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Weekend Adventure


Visiting non-keto friends and Sea World won’t stop me from success!

This past weekend we went on a much needed trip to Menifee to visit close friends.  They don’t follow keto and have a little girl.  Their little one is so adorable, smart and well-behaved!  Anyway, what do you do when you find yourself in these types of situations?

Knowing that we may need a little extra for the weekend, I packed a few snacks and extras to help us manage (just in case).  I also thought I’d bring my air fryer to make them chicken wings.  So along with the air fryer, I packed some Truvia packets, Propel Zero packets, Quest Chocolate Chip Cookies, and a peanut butter fluff cup frozen dessert that I’ve been dying to share.  I also packed a bag of Quest Cheese and Sour Cream chips and a few ChocZero Almond Barks.  I mean, it’s vacation…so you have to have the good stuff, am I right?

For lunch I ended up making chicken wings with ranch dip.  We also enjoyed the frozen desserts.  My husband couldn’t wait long enough for lunch, so he also had some snacks that I packed.

For dinner our friends generously made us all smoked tri tip and ribs.  We also had a few chicken wings left from lunch, some avocados and grilled zucchini.  They added corn, which we just avoided.  It was all just so darn yummy and filling.  I slept like a snoring log that night!  It was great.

Sunday morning rolled around and I got up before everyone else (except the baby) and made breakfast.  They have the best kitchen, so it really makes me want to cook and brings out the creative juices.  We enjoyed reheated tri tip, asparagus with lemon, avocado and tomato slices, poached eggs and a sad hollandaise sauce.  I really need to work on my sauce game.  It tasted fine but was thin…I think I need to make sure the butter is cold when I put it in the mix.  Anyway, it was delish and so filling!

At some point the baby said she wanted to go to Sea World today…and so we did.  This impromptu adventure was just what I needed!  I love enjoying animals and having adventures.  It did me well not having time to process and analyze the trip because my anxiety would have wreaked havoc and I wanted to just enjoy.  And I did!  I enjoyed the whole trip to Sea World!

While we were there we ate a couple of Quest Chocolate Chip Cookies, had a couple bottles of water on ice (it was crazy hot that day!), and split a lunch of 1/2 rotisserie chicken with the smallest cesar salad I’ve ever seen and some strawberries.  It was a great day of fun in the sun enjoying my friends, my husband and the animals.

I drove home and it took a fair amount of time because of traffic between San Diego and Orange County.  But after such a long day and all that driving I knew cooking was not going to happen.  I also knew that once I got home I would not leave to get food.  So, we stopped at Jack in the Box on the way and took home 2 Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburgers with no bun.  When we got home we enjoyed those burgers with some Propel and called it a night.

I didn’t fast.  I didn’t count carbs.  I didn’t focus on anything but relaxing and enjoying.  I really had the very best weekend I have had in a long time.  Summer is the time when educators get to see their friends and family and I am so grateful we were all able to spend such great time together.

If you’re worried about following Keto while away from the comforts of your home, just know that you can always find options, adjust what is available to you and just enjoy the time away.

What are some of your favorite things to bring with you when you’re on an adventure?  Do you worry about eating properly?  What are some tips and tricks that you rely on for success?

Don’t forget to join our Keto Support and Encouragement group!  We share ideas, recipes, ask questions and provide support.  Check out our BeckDoes Keto Facebook group.

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