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My New Favorite Snack!

Keto is great.  But sometimes I’m in the mood to just chew something and gum just won’t cut it.  BTW, my favorite Keto-friendly gum is definitely Velamints.  I buy them by the case at Trader Joe’s.  And, it never hurts to have extra salt in your diet on Keto as it’s usually hard to get enough and you definitely don’t want to be low in salt.

Roasted, salted pumpkin seeds still with the shell are amazing!  Salty, crunchy and satisfying.  I munch on them when I’m watching tv or just want a snack that won’t kill my ketosis.  The best part is, according to MyFitnessPal, a serving size of 1/4 cup is only 71 calories with carbs.  There isn’t any fat or protein noted, but it does meet other great needs.

Last night, my husband and I played a wild game of Monopoly on the Nintendo Switch after dinner and enjoyed them together.  I’m thinking these will be going with us to the next movie to replace popcorn.  We’ve been avoiding popcorn for 10 months, but that smell at the theater is brutal sometimes.

You can gran these at the gas station or the grocery store.  You can get these almost anywhere.  They can even be delivered from Amazon (here’s a good deal on Amazon, if you’re interested).

Try out roasted, salted pumpkin seeds for a snack and let me know what you think.


Special note: I tried to make them from home and it didn’t work out that well.  I will try again and if I manage to have a good recipe  I will totally share it.

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