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Organizing Supplements

There are so many supplements to keep track of now. Is this necessary for you? No. But I’ve added and modified my supplements based upon my Keto needs, my body type and the special needs of my body to address specific health issues.

I take some to help when I don’t get enough vegetables in my daily diet (which can be difficult when you only eat 1-2 meals a day). I take some for my PCOS, which impact my cycles, hormones, blood sugars, etc. I take some for mental health issues (anxiety) and additional to help withdrawal symptoms as I get off my prescribed medications (brain zaps, extra anxiety, etc.). I’m a hot mess and need a lot of help.

It’s really difficult to keep it all organized and remember what I need and when. I know that some are better with food, or on an empty stomach while others just need to be taken during the day at some point. To avoid becoming too much, I don’t usually bother with focusing on the particulars for the most part and just organize them into 3 groups (morning, noon and evening).

Step 1: Choosing supplements

  • Identify your health needs and make a list of what you need to purchase
  • Research each supplement to find a good, reliable source as close to organic as possible
  • Purchase your supplements – I prefer to buy from either Amazon or a local health food store like Mother’s Market

Step 2: Determine frequency & label

  • Read the labels and decide how much of each supplement you will need
  • Using a marker, write on the lid how much and how often you should take each supplement – For instance, I need to take 1 Advanced Adrenal supplement 3 times daily, so I write 1×3 on the lid in a black sharpie marker

Step 3: Preparing for organization

  • Clear out a cupboard (or any place you plan to store your packaged supplements)
  • Line up cups in 4 rows of 7 – I use these cups and lids to help organize…they stack well, travel well in my purse and are inexpensive
  • Label 28 lids with a marker – AM for morning, N for noon/midday, and PM for evening
  • Pull out all supplements and put them to the side
  • Try to have enough space for 3 stations (left, center and right) – supplements to use (L), empty cups to fill (C), and supplements used (R)

Step 4: Filling cups with sups

  • Take a supplement, read your note of how often and when you should take it
  • Add supplement to the cups, if appropriate
  • Replace lid of supplement and place to the right
  • When cups are filled, put on the correctly labeled lid
  • Repeat as many times as you need to fill a month’s worth of supplements to meet your daily needs (morning, noon and evening)

Step 5: Storing

  • Put each filled cup of supplements in organized stacks in a dark, cool place
  • I make my stacks in a total of 6 rows 3-4 cups high and store in a kitchen cupboard where it is generally dark and cool
  • I keep all of my bottles of supplements in a giant bag kept in the dark, corner of my closet on a shelf behind my clothes (no one sees it)

Step 6: Plan to refill

It’s great not to have to figure out what supplements you need each and every time, but you will eventually run out of packed supplements, so you’ll need to plan about an hour once a month to organize (maybe less but it’s always best to estimate an hour to be safe). It usually takes me about 30 minutes to and hour for the whole process and I often make slightly more than a month, in case I don’t feel very well the day I need to make them.


You save time and frustration throughout each day, which I noticed personally makes me less likely to get “pilled out.” I’m not sure if this is the official term, but its easy to get overwhelmed and just plane sick to death of the dang pills.

An unintentional benefit that I found is that I now know when I’m about to run out of supplements, so I can reorder or go to the store to buy more. I never run out of supplements anymore. It’s never a surprise financially either as I can plan ahead…I now have 28 days to save enough money to buy more supplements. I don’t run out and my husband isn’t mad that I spent too much without budgeting for it.


Interested in the supplements that I take? I have a blog about what I take, how much and why. Check it out.

Need help finding a health food store near you? Click here to do a search in your area.

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