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July 3, 2018…Trying something new

I have health issues.  Regular Keto addresses a good amount of them.  I’m losing weight, my blood sugar is excellent, my cycles are regular and my PCOS symptoms are calming down.  I’m doing quite well.  I modify Keto for my adrenal body type which is going really well for me and I’m seeing improvement with my inflammation and my physical reactions to stress.

But here I am with Keto rashes breaking out on my eye lids, arms, the back of my knee, my lower lip and now I’m discovering new spots on my fingers.  It is so annoying.  I’ve researched to find reasons and solutions to little avail.

I’ve increased my Ox Bile to help boost the gallbladder and liver.  I increased my daily carb count and it did ease the rashes…but then I stalled with my other health improvements, plus it’s easy to drop back into ketosis because I’m really used to eating low carb.  I got so desperate that I went to the Dermatologist and got some medicated cream to put on the rashes.  I’m supposed to get a different medicated cream for my face but it was too darn expensive and I ended up using the body stuff for my face too.  The topical medication works decently but doesn’t make the rashes go away, just more manageable, which is ideal for my face.

That means, over the last 10 months, 7+ of which I have had Keto rash, I have tried at least ways to improve the rashes, including:

  • Bathing more often
  • Trying new body washes
  • Increasing carbs
  • Topical medication
  • Increased bile
  • Changing clothes more often

Starting today, July 3, 2018, I am trying 2 new methods to address my Keto rashes.  I got a new tea tree oil body wash and a choline supplement.  The body wash should help remove any sweat with ketones that could be irritating my skin…not to worry, I’m only using this on my body and not my face.  The choline should help with additional liver support and address the rash issue internally by taking 1 pill twice a day.  Just another pill to add to the daily packets.

To be honest, I really don’t think it will work.  Body wash is good in general.  I also have red, irritated bumps on my arms that even the Dermatologist said can’t be addressed.  If nothing else, I’ll have an extra clean body.  The choline helps with a fatty liver and shouldn’t really cause any issues or conflicts with my other medications or supplements.

I really want this to work.  I need something to work.  I just feel like there has to be a solution other than stopping Keto.  If push comes to shove, I think I’ll just keep using the medicated cream.  I’ll keep you updated after a few weeks to see if there is any relief.

If you’ve suffered from Keto rash, let me know how you’ve addressed it.  Did you find a solution that works for you?  I’d really love to know!!

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