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Cravings for sweets

Read to the end to get the experience, recipe and a link to video =D

10 months on Keto and still craving sweets, particularly chocolate.  I compromised and gave in because the chocolate I found is keto-friendly, but I was always wondering why I was still wanting it so much and how others seem to be able to do Keto without sweets at all.

My mom always taught me that if your body is craving something it usually needs it.  IE: if you are craving beef you might be low on iron, milk=calcium, chocolate=iron, fish=scales.  Okay, that last one was a joke, but I think you get the idea.  Throughout my life I have craved either red meat or chocolate right before my cycle, which I always let myself have as I knew I was about to have a gnarly cycle causing me to lose a lot of blood.  (Sorry for the guys or anyone who is squeamish.)

Doing Keto I have learned that you need to feed your body nutrients and that pretty much follows what I already knew and accepted to be true.  But still I wondered, why am I still craving chocolate?  Am I just used to having something sweet?  Am I just addicted to sugar/sweetness?  My blood tests all came out great.  I don’t have any physical symptoms of low electrolytes and I know how to make adjustments to ease those problems (muscle cramping, headaches, nausea, etc.)  I simply couldn’t figure it out.  I was at a loss and simply accepted my cravings as being a part of me.  I was still following Keto, after all, so what could it hurt?

And then I saw a video from Dr. Berg about these cravings and it all made sense.  Cravings may be linked for not having enough electrolytes.  Perhaps, I have been taking enough not to cramp and whatnot, but not enough to provide for all of what my body needs.

Dr. Berg’s Video: Still Craving Sweets on a Ketogenic Diet?

So, I’m experimenting again.  It couldn’t hurt.  I have to say, it worked within days…maybe less, but it took days to realize I wasn’t having my nightly chocolate.  My husband likes to end his day with half of a Lily’s Chocolate Milk Bar, so I usually ate the other half.  Then I noticed when he asked me if I wanted chocolate I was saying, “No, thank you.  I don’t really feel like it.”  WHAT???  I know, I was shocked at myself.  I really wasn’t interested in the chocolate anymore.  I have had some here and there, but not daily and not as much.

I made a pitcher of electrolyte drink for myself and drank it daily.  The taste is decent and I feel fine.  I don’t really feel much different than before, sans cravings, of course.

I’ve done this experiment for about a week or two now and I am so glad that I did!  Are you suffering from cravings?  Maybe it’s time to rethink your nutrition and adjust your electrolytes as well.


Ingredients –

Directions –

  1. Mix all ingredients with 1/3-1/2 water.
  2. Shake, stir and mix everything together.  You really want to let everything dissolve before adding the rest of the water.
  3. Once mixed and the bubbles go down, fill the pitcher with the rest of the water.

Notes –

I added links to the products I use so you know what they look like.  You’re welcome to buy them from Amazon, but go with what you already have.  I would suggest getting the collagen powder from Costco as they are currently selling the large container for the same price as the regular size on Amazon.  You could also use Ultima packets instead of Propel Zero…I just have a preference.

I use about 1/2 gallon of water and drink it throughout the day.  I no longer add potassium or magnesium supplements.  I was hoping to drink them as I have so many daily pills already it was getting a little crazy.

Enjoy cold or room temperature!

For more tips, ideas and support,
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