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Pre-keto my nails were a hot mess!  Layers would peel, they weren’t strong, would chip and I just had the worst time with them.

I’ve been on Keto for almost 10 months and there is a huge difference.  I wasn’t planning on my nails changing…they’ve just always been that way and I thought that was how it was.  No big deal.  Today I am telling you how annoying it is to have nails that grow so fast and strong.

I realize this is a great problem to have.  It’s also a good indicator of my improved health.  No more peeling, cracking, chipping nails.  Now I have to cut them every week or two to keep them under control.  Personally, long, strong nails look gorgeous, but I prefer short nails for typing and working purposes.

As part of my health regime, in addition to Keto, I add Vital Proteins Collagen Powder (1/2 to 1 scoop daily) to my morning drink (hot or cold magic coffee).  It just melts away in the liquid…I’ve even used it in my electrolyte drink mix.  It’s also helped my hair grow stronger and faster as well.  I can only imagine how well my bones are doing!

How is your nail game coming along?

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