Hectic Life

The end of the school year is near.  It’s the busiest and most hectic time of year, while also being a time when I’m most exhausted from the months leading up to the closure of the school year.  I’m pooped!

I wanted to take a moment to apologize.  I’m still doing Keto and I think about this blog and our community frequently.  I just haven’t had the time.  My time is mostly spent sleeping, working and thinking about either sleeping or working.

I’ve got a zillion ideas on what I’d like to share and try.  Recipes, videos, regular blogs, and other great things.  To be honest, I’m hardly even cooking right now, let alone trying new recipes.  I have a huge stack of great new recipes to try.  I hope I can get to them soon.

How’ve you been managing your life and Keto when life gets hectic and so busy?

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