Health Update, April 2018

Keto is All About Being Healthy!
So, How Do You Know How You’re Doing?

I started following Keto September 2017 and am excited to say that I’ve had some significant changes.  That’s not to say that I haven’t plateaued or had problems here or there, but that the general trend is that my health is improving.

If you aren’t aware, I’m a 38 year old woman (well, about a week away) who was diagnosed with PCOS over 20 years ago, have adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression, migraines, am married and live with my husband, father and two pups.  I’d love to get pregnant but it hasn’t happened yet.  I also have been morbidly obese for most of my adult life with brief stints of weight loss after a lot of effort and then it returns…I have failed at every diet or way of eating since my teens.  At some point, I just thought I would try to stop stressing about loosing weight and dieting and just ate what I wanted…good for stress, bad for my scale.


So, the pictures above aren’t perfect but should he a good indicator of the outwardly health progress I am made.  The picture to the left is from Graduation Day June 2017.  My face and body were quite swollen, I often found myself sweating when no one else was and I just felt generally awful.  The picture to the right is after I had an exciting day out with my dad, had lunch and then look a picture of myself in March 2018…My eyes are more open, I feel better, I’m not as swollen, I’m missing some chins and have less neck.  While I do have makeup on in the most recent photo, this doesn’t have a filter on my phone’s camera and hasn’t been edited.

Comparing the Numbers:

Weight: 298 to 235 (63 pounds!!!!!)

Clothing Size: 26+ to 20 (I’m between an 18 and 20 in many brands)

Blood Work

  • A1C: 5.7 to 5.5, standard is under 5.6
  • Cholesterol: 191 to 206, standard is under 199
    • Triglycerides: 242 (tested in 2014) to 148, standard is under 149
    • HDL: 35 to 33, standard is under 40
    • LDL: 99 (tested in 2014) ti 143, standard is under 99
    • Cholesterol, Non-HDL: 156 to 173
  • Creatinine: 0.6 to 0.52, standard is under 1.10
  • Electrolytes
    • Sodium: 137 to 139, standard is between 135-145
    • Potassium: 4.5 to 4.2, standard is between 3.5-5.0
    • Chloride: 102 to 103, standard is between 101-111
  • Asparate Aminotransferase (AST): not tested to 12, standard is under 30
  • Alanine Aminortansferase (ALT): 32 to 19, standard is under 54


I feel so much better.  I realize that I’m not going to make all my health issues (mental and physical) repair themselves over night.  I damaged myself for over 30 years, so I imagine it will take some time to heal myself.

I have fewer migraines and panic attacks.  My swelling and inflammation are less frequent and seem to pass more quickly when they do happen.  I’m cleaning out my closet because my clothes keep falling right off of me.  (What a problem to have!)  My cycles are much more regular and painful than they used to be.  I have cramping sometimes around ovulation time…thinking hopeful thoughts!


I’m planning to ask my doctor to test my hormone levels.  It’s important to me to have my blood sugars under control, lose weight and improve my hormones for overall health, but also because I would absolutely love to get pregnant.  The last time I checked the doctor told me to lose weight and it would be easier.  I lost hope because I always gained when I tried to lose.  Another doctor told me that if I lost weight my snoring would stop.  Well, that hasn’t stopped and my husband sleeps on the couch sometimes when it’s too awful.  (Not so secretly, I think he likes sleeping on the comfy couch with the dogs piled on top of him!)

I am over the moon with the results of following Keto.  For my and my household, we have seen almost all improvements.  I did get a keto rash that I’m trying to remedy…I got medication that works but heard from Dr. Berg that upping my bile intake should help with that.

I eat real food.  I enjoy my food.  I rarely miss anything.  I’m successful and hopeful again.  I am happy and have more energy.  I’m even enjoying the creativity of making new keto-friendly dishes for my family.

In Closing:

I hope this has helped to inspire you.  My goal is not only to improve my health, but to bring together stories and other resources such as medical professional’s opinions, but support, encouragement, inspiration and recipes to help you succeed in improving your health.

Check out some other blog entries and a few videos for more information.  I’m a real person and learning to blog, manage this website, social media and create/edit videos as I go…so, please be kind.  It’s the information and content I’m trying to convey.

Feel free to share my story to inspire others.  Ask questions or make comments.  And, if you’re inspired to share your story, please add it!  I am not unique and I want people to know that Keto really can work for them.

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