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Tri-Tip Dinner

Tonight’s Dinner of Champions:
Tri-Tip, Caesar Salad, Bread and Flan

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Welcome to Spring Break!  I have rest and focus just knowing I don’t have to split my focus personally and professionally for the next week and I am so excited to get back in that kitchen and make some magic happen.

The plan for tonight is marinated Tri-Tip (beef), pan-fried and seasoned shrimp with Bread, Caesar Salad and Flan.  It sounds overly ambitious, but much of this can be done ahead of time.  For instance, I made the bread yesterday, am marinating the Tri-Tip now, bought fresh, defrosted and peeled shrimp and the salad is a pre-packaged salad bag.  The bread, salad and shrimp are very quick and can be prepared right before I serve dinner leaving me with time to make tonight’s dessert of flan.  And that precious tri-tip just needs to be added to the pan and put in the oven about an hour before dinner.  Easy-peasy!

Tri-tip Marinade: I am following the recipe from Our Best Bites for the most part.  But I am using preminced garlic (and a lot of it), Smoked Salt, and Avocado Oil.  The original recipe can be found here.

Bread: Almond Psyllium Bread that I made yesterday was inspired by the recipe at Easy Keto.  Depending upon your psyllium husk, your bread may turn purple like mine.  While I prefer the Bagel Loaf Bread, this recipe is dairy-free and a nice change.  My husband hates this bread, but I am finding that he doesn’t seem to like psyillium.  Its important to add to this base recipe to make it a bit more flavorful.  I added Everything But The Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s but this I will add more in future batches.  Also, I think I will make this in my muffin tin instead of as a loaf of bread next time.

Caesar Salad: There’s no shame in my game.  I bought a bag of salad mix and plan to use it tonight.  I will not include the croutons for obvious reasons though.  But otherwise it’s a great way to get my husband to eat more vegetables, provide a variety and it’s easy (on time and the wallet).

Flan: I don’t always make dessert but today I will attempt flan.  I was planning to make it this weekend and had my heart set on enjoying that delicious custardy goodness…can you tell that I loved flan before I became Keto?  Today my day is dedicated to making this dessert.  Traditionally, my husband doens’t like flan.  But he didn’t like cinnamon until recently either, so I’m giving it a whirl.  Also, if he doesn’t like it that means more for me…unless its gross.  Fingers crossed!


Special Notes:

It’s noon and I have yet to begin the flan.  I’m not too worried unless something pops up.  I’ll get started by 1 and then it should have enough time to cook and cool before dinner at 6 when my husband gets home.

The flan and bread are a bust!  The I was the only one who found the bread to be edible, but than psyllium husk really clears out the bowels, so stick with only 1 piece of bread, if you try it.  The flan never caramelized…so I “fixed” it with some Berry Cream Cheese mix and a few raspberries.  The flan was salvaged.  Whew!

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