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Exogenous Ketones, My Experience

I have heard about supplementing ketones with exogenous ketones to help with energy and weight loss.  After 7 months, I decided to give it a try.


You may ask why I would want to try this given my keto-adaptation and success to date.  Sometimes I have trouble with energy, though much improved, I just thought I might see if it could help me on those low-energy days.  Besides, I had heard it didn’t have much in the way of negative side-effects other than loose stools if you add too much until you’re used to it.  I’ve dealt with decades of the “D” from my metformin, so I figured I could give it a shot.

I searched and filtered Amazon to find a highly rated Exogenous Ketones with MCT oil and other electrolytes and quality ingredients and an approved keto-sweetener.  I found one that was flavored as Cherry Limeade that met my requirements and didn’t have caffeine.  I was SO excited to try this!!

It should be noted that I have pretty serious adrenal fatigue that I’m still working on healing, I also have PCOS (policystic ovarian syndrome), anxiety and drepression, plus a massive amount of stress that I try to minimize but still struggle with.  I try to consume only 1-2 cups of magic coffee per week to limit my caffeine intake.

My experience: I tried it for 2 days and couldn’t continue, and here’s why…

I honestly am not fond of the flavor.  I think it’s the sweetener that made it difficult to consume.  Perhaps less stevia would have helped, or even a different flavor like the fruit punch.  While I struggled, I managed to consume 1/2 scoop each morning…I didn’t gag like I do on Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte drink mix.

Beyond the taste, I didn’t feel anything all day.  I had no extra clarity of mind, no extra energy, nothing.  I’m guessing this is because I’m already in ketosis and probably don’t need to add extra.  I’m not really sure.

And then the evening came.  The first evening my chest got tight and my heart was pounding.  I was feeling like I was having a panic attack physically but mentally I wasn’t stressed about anything and was good.  I couldn’t get it to calm down and figured it could have been a fluke.  After being up until almost 4 A.M. dealing with this, I broke down and took my prescribed medication to make it stop.  Anything could have caused the panic attack, so I wasn’t willing to correlate this with the exogenous ketones just yet.

When the same thing happened the second day, I had a very good idea that it was the exogenous ketones because nothing else in my life had changed…not the food, not the caffeine levels,not the food, not my medication or supplements, nothing else except this 1/2 scoop of exogenous ketones.  Yep, I had to take another anxiety medication to calm down again but only waited until midnight to do so.

Day 3, I decided I just couldn’t go further with this experiment for myself.  It doesn’t taste good.  I get the electrolytes elsewhere in my diet daily.  I didn’t feel the benefits and later felt the physical issues with my anxiety.  Thank goodness for Amazon and their forgiving return policy.  I don’t normally return things but I just can’t continue and my husband wasn’t interested.

I’ve not been off and back to my regular consumption for 3 days.  I’m about 80% back to normal with just a little flutter in my chest but had no issues in sleeping or major panic attacks.

Experiment concluded.  No exogenous ketones for me.

These might be good for you.  It might be worth a try.  This is just my experience.  And, honestly, I thought I should share because I mostly only found how great exogenous ketones were from people who’ve tried me.  I knew they weren’t necessary because you can consume a keto-friendly diet and create your own ketones.  Now I know.

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