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Keto Basics

Basic Macros

Carbs=5% (up to 20g), Protein=20%, Fat=65%+ …the percentage is based on a set calorie goal, though many don’t count calories as closely as we are used to when “dieting.”

When you begin you will want to figure out your macros.  Check out this Macro calculator to help you determine your daily macro goal.  I have used the Macro Caluculator on an app called CarbManager.  But you can do an Internet search to find others.  I just found and tried the Macro Calculator on IIFYM and found it to be easy and quite nice.

The purpose of this is to determine what percent of your calories you intake should come from the various sources.  For example:

  • If I want to lose 15% body fat with a goal to reach 200lbs with my current lifestyle, IIFYM calculates that I should consume:
    • 1887 calories
    • 92g fat
    • 165g protein
    • 99g carbs

Uh oh, I have a problem.  I cannot consume 99g carbs on Keto.  Keto has a max, which is ideally between 20-50 carbs, based upon your needs.  IIFYM doesn’t give me the option of adjusting the percentage of where my calories come from, like CarbManager and MyFitnessPal.

A correct Keto macros should actually look like this Keto Calculator on Ruled.me:

  • 1842 calories
  • 159g fat
  • 82g protein
  • 20g carbs

Considerations for Modifying Your Macros

Over time you may realize that you need adjustments to your macros.  You may need more carbs because you’re getting a Keto Rash or are diabetic.  You may need more protein because you’re an adrenal body type like me.  The key is to pay attention, listen and adjust to see how you feel best.

Dr. Eric Berg has a great quiz that helps you adjust your Keto plan to your body type.  Click here for the free quiz.  I’ve found it quite helpful and accurate!  The key to this quiz is that if something doesn’t apply to you, don’t check it.  When I initially took the quiz, I thought I had to pick something for each question which results in the wrong body type.  Once I realized my mistake, my results were that I am an Adrenal Body Type.

I was able to use this information to figure out how to slightly adjust my keto macros to best suit me.  I increased my protein and a few specific supplements and have found that I feel great, am really getting healthy and enjoy my plan without feeling guilty that it’s not “100% Keto.”

It should be noted that it may not be necessary to add supplements, but you probably will.  You just won’t find the time and hunger to add enough nutrients to your consumption to get enough potassium or calcium, etc.  I’ll write more about supplements in a later blog…there’s a lot to say and even more resources!


Information about importance of keeping up your electrolytes, foods to boost, supplements to help boost.  Specifically, you need to keep your sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium up.  This can be done through monitoring and adjusting your consumption.  I struggle with consuming enough nutrients to keep my electrolytes up, so I also supplement to help create a comfortable, personal balance.


Keeping Track of Progress

Most immediately notice weight loss and gauge their success based upon the lowering number on the scale.  But this isn’t always the best way to mark your progress.  During this time, your body is going through some major changes.  It’s best to also keep track of your measurements, how your clothing is fitting (or not fitting) and your feelings both mentally and physically.

There are many apps that can help you with tracking your progress.  You could also just create a spreadsheet in Google and keep track there.  By keeping track of these various bits of data, you will begin to see a trend of success.  You will also be able to make changes to further your success.

Remember, it’s how you feel.  So don’t let the scale discourage you!


There are so many resources available to you online and for free (my favorite price point).  Here are a few that may be helpful to you as your begin:

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