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Cruising on Keto

Carnival Cruise for the Cure Adventure 2018

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Leading up to the cruise vacation, I was concerned about remaining Strict Keto while on a cruise and in Mexico on vacation.  There was so much food to choose from…even food that we could eat!  I was never hungry.

Generally speaking, my husband and I are following a Strict Keto lifestyle.  This means that we eat no more than 20g net carbs daily and are strict about the types of foods we eat (versus a Lazy Keto lifestyle that basically only counts carbs regardless of food type).  We usually get our carbs from whole foods, such as meat, eggs and vegetables and a few from treats that include almond flour and/or approved sugar alcohols.

On the cruise there was a lot of fatty meat.  Usually it tasted okay, especially when I added lemon/lime and salt.  There was cheese, butter, coffee and water.  There weren’t many options for vegetables and no real options for nuts, berries or chocolate for us.

When on our excursion to La Bufadora, known for their ocean-side fish tacos, tequila and shopping, we opted to have a Lazy Keto day.  I knew ahead of time this was a possibility and spent weeks contemplating if I was ready to introduce non-strict keto foods to my diet.  Seriously, I once drove to Ensenada for one of these fish tacos…they are that good!

Here’s what we really ate:

  • Day 1, Lunch: Cucumber slices, carrot slices, cauliflower, deli slices and cheese cubes with iced tea
  • Day 1, Dinner: Double bacon cheese burger (no bun)
  • Day 2, Breakfast: Buffet scrambled eggs, plain yogurt, bacon, sausage, coffee with Truvia
  • Day 2, Lunch: Fish taco with tortilla and batter, clam and shrimp with cheese, various tequilas (we did a tasting)
  • Day 2, Dinner: Nice dinner with seared tuna and mahi mahi with carrots and brocolli
  • Day 3, Breakfast: I think it was a scrambled eggs with bacon and I tried to make a fat bomb with Truvia, cream cheese, chopped pecans and butter.
  • Day 3, Lunch: Taco salad with steak and chicken, guacamole, lettuce, pico de gallo (we didn’t eat the taco shell)
  • Day 3, Dinner: Double chili cheese burger (no bun)
  • Day 4, Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with ham, sausage and pico de gallo

I brought Propel and Truvia packets.  We used this for the coffee and the water.

I believe we will definitely cruise again, but we will certainly bring a few things…nuts, more Propel and chocolate, maybe some keto bread too.  I was beginning to feel some cramping in my calves by the time we left, so I’m glad I brought the Propel but I didn’t bring enough.


Try a cruise but give yourself a break.  You may have to plan ahead and bring a few things to make it more enjoyable, like sweetener, electrolyte powder, nuts, chocolate and any other thing you think you would enjoy when away from home.  Its worth upping the carbs or switching to Lazy Keto for the time being so that you can eat and enjoy the vacation.  It doesn’t last long and you can return to Strict Keto upon return.

I did take my supplements, but Kevin didn’t.  I was glad to have some sense of routine regarding my supplements.  We really wished by the 3rd day that we had some nuts and chocolate…something sweet and creamy and crunchy.

And, while I enjoyed the adventure and feel more relaxed than I have in years, I didn’t like the food as much as I do when I cook it at home.  This seems to be the standard…I usually prefer my home-cooked Keto versus whatever I get while I’m out.

Check out our video on YouTube!

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