Defining Keto

Ketogenic (keto) is when your body uses fat for energy.  It’s so simple, yet hard to believe.  We often believe that our body needs carbohydrates (carbs) to thrive.  This simply is not true.

Your body is a machine that actually can use carbs or fats for energy!

Does this fact blow your mind?  My immediate response was that its unbelievable.  How can fat be used for energy?  I strongly believed that fat makes you fat.  I did know that too many carbs make you fat…that was from doctors and from trial and error.

When your body uses fat for energy instead of carbs, you are keto-adapted.  Now your body will burn fat, both consumed and your own.  You read that right.  Your body can now use stored fat from your body to produce energy.

This is the basic breakdown of what Keto is.  To become keto-adapted you need high fat, moderate proteins, and low carbs.  There’s more information about specifics of where your fats, proteins and carbs come from.  But this is the general idea.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Ketogenic Lifestyle, including recipes and the tips & tricks to help you be more successful.  If you’re interested in starting keto, my advise is to begin lowering your carbs gradually over 2-3 weeks to prepare…and I will have more information on getting started coming soon!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, check out my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  I have some great content and I’m adding more regularly.

Remember, if Beck Does, so can you!
Get healthy and enjoy life like it was meant to be.

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