Keto Rash

Some times we get a rash from Keto…some will get it, some will not.  In my household, my mom and I got the rash, but my husband and father have not.

My dad just eats everything and isn’t really doing keto, he just likes to eat food and since I cook keto food he ends up eating it.  I’m concerned about my dad eating keto and traditional high-carb food as it doesn’t seem like a great idea to consume high carb and high fat.  Your body can only use so much energy and it stores the rest.  So far, he seems “fine”…by fine, I mean no outwardly physical changes.

My husband doesn’t have allergies of any kind and he just grew up picky.  He’s down about 80lbs and is going strong.

My mom didn’t have much to lose but has been successful with getting healthy and losing weight with keto.  She often has rashes throughout her adult life, specifically eczema which often is on her hands.  After researching she thought she might be allergic to almonds.  Dr. Berg has a great video about this: Is Your Eczema Coming from Salacylate Sensitivity?  After some experiments, it seemed as though she was struggling with almonds and almond flour.  Her rashes have cleared up and she’s happy as can be.

I, however, am really struggling with the Keto rashes.  I didn’t think it was related to Keto.  I thought perhaps I was having allergies.  It’s been spreading and getting worse.  I did more research and now believe it’s a Keto Rash afterall.  I have rashes on my forehead, both eyelids, around my lips, a nipple, arms/arm pits, and the back of one knee.  Some things I’ve learned during this time:

  1. Be cleaner – I don’t really exercise, so I figures I was okay bathing every other day.  Nope.  I need to keep much cleaner, especially where the rashes are appearing.  That has immediately helped out…even if I just use a damp washcloth to wipe the effected area.
  2. Experiment to see if it’s worse when you eat certain foods.  Mine was the same all the time.  It didn’t matter what I consumed or put on body.  Allergies were not my problem.
  3. Medicated and Over-the-Counter topical meds that seem like they would work usually don’t.  The doctor didn’t really know what was wrong and prescribed different creams and ointments to help.  They did not.  After trying everything, I have found benedryl pills, benedryl spray and creams, and generic neosporin with pain reliever helps the most.
  4. I’ve found relief by taking benedryl pills on days I don’t work.  I get tired taking benedryl, so I’m careful about when I take them.  The benedryl cream is quite nice and adds some immediate relief, but it isn’t great if it gets in your eye (so be careful!).  The benedryl spray has been a life saver, but it causes drying.  The generic neosporin provided relief, healing and moisture.
  5. On my face I spray the benedryl.  When it dries I add generic neosporin.  After two days I’m seeing a noticeable difference.  On the rest of my body I use the benedryl cream and am finding some relief.  Rashes that are really bad I alternate between the benedryl cream and the generic neosporin…I don’t want anything to become infected!

Why Is This Happening?!?

Keto rash is brutal.  Everything I read, indicates that most people who get the keto rash finds that it passes rather quickly.  It has been months for me, getting worse as time goes on.

In my opinion, I think this is happening because I am a fat burning machine!  Burning fat is a good thing and I feel amazing and I’m getting healthy.  Unfortunately, the vengeance of years of mistreatment of my body is coming back to haunt me.  Fat stores things like toxins, hormones, etc.  Now that the stored fat is releasing itself for energy (the best part of keto), I am finding that the toxins, hormones and whatever else was stored in those fat cells are wreaking havoc on my body.

My body is reacting to history.  I must deal with this.  I am not accepting that I should stop keto because of the uncomfortable rash.  I have read that increasing carbs can help ease the rash.  Now I have to increase my carb intake to slow down keto and hopefully have a little relief from the keto rash response.

Take Away

We all have problems in life.  Dealing with my old problems that used to ignore is resulting in very uncomfy rashes.  I’m managing by being cleaner, using the above mentioned benedryl/neosporin regiment and increasing my carbs to slow keto.  Will this work?  I don’t know but I think it’s worth a try.  It’s weird to think of eating more carbs as I’m comfortable at about 10-20 net carbs per day.  After much thought, I will be increasing my carb intake while keeping it keto-friendly by increasing berries, nuts and some baked goods.

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