Lazy Work Day

I planned nothing and will be out late… But I still need to eat.

I have a weird work schedule, where most of the work is done 3 days per week.  I occasionally work weekends and often work very late during the week.  This is what my plan (or lack thereof) looks like for today regarding my health:

8 A.M.      Morning supplements, collagen powder and a watered down grape Propel Zero

11 A.M.   Pack some food to take for the day…I’m thinking I will take a few raw macadamia nuts (I didn’t roast them over the weekend and I ran out of the last batch), a beef stick, guacamole, a string cheese,  a couple of hard boiled eggs and Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning.  I like variety and rarely consume it all.  I also have a Lily’s chocolate bar hidden in my desk for “emergencies.”

12 P.M.    I’ll probably eat an egg or two since I haven’t really eaten yet today and will need all the energy I can get.

1-4 P.M.   I’ll be so busy teaching that I’ll only be drinking.  I never get hungry during this time and I think it’s because I’m too busy to think about it.

5 P.M.      I’ll have dinner with PH and HP (I just realized their initials are mirror images of one another).  I get to chit chat and catch up.  This is a great time to have my leftovers, except I don’t have any today.  So, I’ll enjoy my beef stick and guacamole, some macadamia nuts and the strong cheese.  This isn’t the best meal plan, but it’ll do the trick.

6-9 P.M.   I’ll be so busy working again that I won’t notice if I’m hungry.  I’m usually quite satisfied, so I’m not worried about it.  I also have that emergency chocolate stash.

10 P.M.    Take more supplements and prepare for bed.  Mr. Gilbert was working out of town last night, so I am guessing that I’ll be up a little bit longer than I should so we can visit.  He loves a late night chocolate, so if I didn’t have any yet, I might just have 1/2 a bar with him.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to need to make some food.  A real meal.  I’m thinking about a Mississippi Roast with mashed cauliflower or Chili and bagel bread loaf.  This way I will have an actual dinner tomorrow night!


Update: What really happened that day

I did pack what I planned, but then I saw a tuna salad and some fresh strawberries and grabbed those too.  I ended up eating the tuna before work started about 12:45 P.M., enjoyed the strawberries at about 5 P.M., and one of Hannah’s Keto Snickerdoodle cookies.  When I got home I was wanting something warm and filling but I wasn’t really hungry, so I warmed up a half of a mug of of my fresh chicken broth and drank that with my evening supplements.

I honestly wasn’t hungry.  I’ve been working towards Intermittent Fasting (IF) but usually only do it Monday-Friday…I love eating breakfast with my husband on the weekends.  I know the IF will help me lose weight and my window of about 6 hours will soon come down to about 4 hours.  I’ll talk more about IF in an upcoming video.

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