Welcome to BeckDoes.com, where I am excited to share with you what I have done,
with helpful and guiding information so that you too can do it!

I love helping people.  So it should be no surprise that I have been a professional educator for nearly 2 decades!  I have taught all age and skill level of students skills ranging from very basic computing to how to become an educator.  Yes, I can teacher others to be a teacher…and I’m credentialed in it too!

I would like to make a few videos for my classroom, but I am most passionate about the Ketogenic Lifestyle and how it’s personally improved my life and the lives of my family members and friends.  BeckDoes is all about what I have done and learned regarding health and nutrition through research & trial and error.  You can have success in getting healthy and losing weight like I did…and the best part, IT IS EASY!

My personal health journal started long ago.  And I am sure that I was struggling from nearly the beginning.  I don’t think I ate real sugar until I was about 12, when my parents got divorced and I was able to eat more of what my friends ate (junk).  My parents were both into homeopathic remedies when possible and reasonable.  I have always loved fruits and vegetables.  Physically I was able to keep it mostly together until my late-teens.  I was athletic and young, so my body was able to make magical energy from the garbage I consumed.

Before I was a teenager with cycles and all, I remember my mom was concerned about the poof of my lower belly.  She even took me to the ER and they did x-rays and those oh-so-comfy internal ultrasounds.  I believe she was told everything was fine…I think she was worried it was cancer.  Looking back, I think this was an obvious sign of the adrenal and ovarian issues to come.  I was always stockier than the other kids but it wasn’t bad…until the health teacher in Junior High had us all look at our hands.  She said if your fingers were fat you were going to grow up fat.  That always stuck with me.  How did she know?  Here I am, a fat adult with fat fingers still.  I believe it was that point that I really began to see that I had a problem, if only that I was different than some of the “ideal” classmates.

This brings me up to the beginning of Summer 2017.  I had gained and lost what I can only guess to be 1,000+ pounds in my life trying every diet and medication I felt was safe.  I was stressed out from all sides and unsuccessful in my health.  My health was in an obvious general decline since I was 18 and diagnosed with PCOS (policyctic ovarian syndrome).  The doctor was really nice, but PCOS was still very new.  I was put on metformin, birth control pills and various other medications to help me deal with it all.  I felt terrible on all of it.  All I knew was that very same doctor said I would never get pregnant, and if I did I would likely miscarry, and that my body couldn’t process certain foods like normal people.

I swear I tried my hardest.  But I always failed (eventually)…until I found keto.  We did a summer weight loss challenge at work.  My coworker, HP, was doing keto.  I thought it sounded weird, plus she didn’t really look like she had even a pound she could lose.  I knew what I needed to do…eat better and exercise.  I stuck to my plan and lost 17 pounds.  Then, I got off of my anxiety medicine and quickly gained 16 pounds back just in time for weigh-in.  All summer I worked hard and sacrificed only to lose 1 pound.  1 pound!  HP ended up winning the challenge with something like a 20 pound loss.  She looked amazing and said she felt great.

Obviously I started asking her more questions, which led to more questions.  I seriously started researching surgery or some weird balloon they put in your stomach to help you feel full.  I guess it deflates over time and you pass it.  I don’t have good luck with things as I’m allergic to all kinds of things and rarely find out until I’m doing it.  Keto sounded crazy.  But I was willing to try one more “crazy” diet before asking my husband to support me going under the life.  It was a rough time.

I didn’t begin right away.  And I figured my husband wouldn’t want to do Keto with me, so I began preparing myself for it.  I knew it was low carb and high fat.  Yes, sounds so crazy!  I already knew carbs where the enemy of me.  That was long-ingrained.  Fat makes you fat.  But it worked for HP and she said she wasn’t hungry.  I saw her eating and it didn’t look terrible.  It certainly wasn’t any worse than any Nutri-system items I’ve tried years back.  To prep, I lowered carbs and learned to use a food tracker that I had installed.

Saptember 1, 2017 was D-Day.  It wasn’t planned to be.  At the end of the day I just realized that I hadn’t eaten more than 20 carbs per my food tracker and they were all keto-friendly carbs, like vegetables.  So, I figured that was my start day.  When my husband got home from work I told him what I was doing and that HP and I were doing it together.  I also told him about her success over the summer.  I was shocked to wake up the next day…Mr. Gilbert stayed up all night researching Keto and was 100% onboard.  He was excited to show me everything that he found, all the videos and research that supports it.

It’s a learning curve.  We’ve tried to be strict with our Keto, me more so than my husband.  But today is Feberuary 12, 2018 (5 months and 11 days) since we began and we are both much healthier and well on our way to our goals.

Mr. Kevin has lost about 70 pounds.  His work pants were too big, so I replaced them and those are really baggy on him now.  I think he must be 2 pounds shy of wearing the 36″ pants I just bought him.  He feels better.  Looks happier.  Doesn’t complain about headaches as much.  He has more energy.  He still hates the morning, but he was never a morning person.

I have lost 49 pounds.  I was wearing size 24w but it was really too small.  Now I am about a 20w depending upon the manufacturer and if I’ve shrunk my clothes in the dryer or not.  My cycles are much more regular.  My migraines are far less often.  I sleep better.  I have more energy and focus.

I cook better.  We make better food choices when eating out (which Mr. Gilbert does quite a bit).  We take supplements.  I just started exercising.  But most importantly, I’m not starving or defeated.  I am succeeding.  I am having a great time.  I am full of life and am not lacking.

I like telling people about keto.  I’m hoping you stick around and enjoy some recipes, instructional videos, more blogs and feel supported in a safe space.  I’m not where I want to be, but I know I will get there without surgery.  You can get there too!

3 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Hi Beck,

    You certainly have a way with words and expressing yourself. I too have been on the diet merry-go-around for more years then I care to remember. Like you I am now seeking firstly to be healthy. I am excited to see where this adventure will take me. Thank you for the encouragement.

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